RBC Blue Water Project Supports SAEN

Today as part of their “Blue Water Project” the Royal Bank of Canada presented a donation to SAEN (Salmonid Association of Eastern Newfoundland) in support  of the project to reintroduce Atlantic Salmon into the Rennies/Virginia River system.

IMG_2657    photo

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Facebook Page

SAEN does have a Facebook page and we would like you to become friends on our page

The page name is : Saen Nfld

The page can be found by typing Saen Nfld in the search box.

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Lower Waterford River Cleanup May 8th

We will be undertaking a Clean up of the lower Waterford River Thursday evening May 8th from 6.30pm to 8.30 pm.

If you can make it out to help us it would be appreciated. Just show up.. the more people that show the quicker it will be done.

CLEAN ST.JOHNS will supply garbage bags for the clean up and will also arrange to have the bags picked up Friday morning.

The meeting place is located a half kilometre west of Noseworthy’s store on  624 Southside Rd.  The store lies between Shea Heights Rd. and the junction of Southside Rd. with Columbus Drive . Corpus Christi Church is visible from the junction.

A map has been drawn up to show you the various points on the river for our area, namely below Bowering Park dam to the Synchrolift.  The drop off points for the garbage bags will be given when we meet.

Bring gloves and waders . Also, be on the lookout for things such as broken glass or discarded needles.  Be careful lifting any heavy items .

Thanks to  all volunteers.

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SAEN AGM May 13th, 2014

SAEN will be holding the 2014 AGM (Annual General Meeting) Tuesday May 13th at Hampton Hall, Marine Institute on Ridge Road at  7:00 PM.

All members in good standing are encouraged to attend. There are many exciting projects being undertaken by SAEN as well as issues that need to be addressed for salmon & trout sustainability.

The agenda for the meeting is:

2014 Agenda

Review of 2013 AGM minutes – corrections/additions

President’s Report

Vice President’s Report

Treasurer’s Report

Projects Committee Report

Election of Officers

Spawner Magazine distribution

Any Other Business

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Summer Student Job Opening

SAEN will be hiring a summer student for 7 weeks this summer.

The job is to assist Project Manger (Scott Nightingale) coordinate various
projects ongoing this summer on the Rennies River System.

The student will be required to do some office work: checking e-mails,
message manager, mail etc.

Candidate must be eligible to apply under Federal Student Placement
program.(ie. returning to school next fall).
Submit application to SAEN office:
P.O. Box 29122
St. John’s,  NL
A1A 5B5



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SAEN 25th Annual Dinner and Auction

The Salmonid Association of Eastern Newfoundland (SAEN) will be holding its 25th. Annual Dinner and Auction on Saturday, Apr. 5th, 2014, at the Holiday Inn. We hope we can count on your support again this year.

There are three ways to support our fund raiser.

  1. To buy tickets at $75.00 per person; tables of 8 and 12 are available.
  2. Purchase an ad in our auction booklet.
  3. Make a donation for our Live and Silent Auctions.

This is our major fund raiser of the year and all proceeds go towards supporting SAEN in the conservation and protection of trout and salmon stocks in Newfoundland and Labrador. Please contact Don Hutchens our event coordinator 722-9300 or email saen@nfld.com.


Hope to see you there!

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Presidents Report

2013 was a good season for fishing in most SFA’s. More and more angling licenses are being issued and many new anglers are having their share of success. One of the biggest issues wild Atlantic salmon face today is the rapid expansion of open net aquacluture operations. The industry and Government envision doubling the production capacity for farm salmon on the south coast by 2018 with operations expanding eastward to Placentia Bay and westward to Burgeo.  It is disapointing to witness the rapid decline of wild salmon returning to Conne River, although it is not surprising to the science community nor the angling public as evidence mounts that wild salmon are adversly impacted by sea pen  aquaculture operations that are operated close by wild rivers. At recent industry consultations SAEN received advice of the first evidence that farmed salmon are interacting with the wild population both at sea and in stream in both spring and fall. Approximately 10% had gonads and ripe eggs during the fall season. COSEWIC estimates a population of 37,400 adult wild salmon in DU4 (south coast). We know that many more than that have escaped and have not been recaptured. It is likely that intergretion is occurring and that a different strain of salmon that are genetically inferior will be produced. We also worry that out migrating wild salmon smolt are attracted to open net pens closeby the migration route. Sea lice are known to overpopulate the bottom under these pens. The lice attach themselves to the small smolt that are unable to host parasites of that size this early in their development. The smolt eventually die. There are other issues including desease which may be spreading to both adult wild salmon returning to thier birth rivers and out migrating smolts. On a positive note the Provincial authorities have consulted with SAEN and have confirmed thier interest in continued consultations. A new Bay Management Area (BMA) strategy may solve some of SAEN’s concern with placing operations adjacent to rivers hosting wild populations. The industry and Government continue to involve SAEN as a stakeholder and are interested in prioritizing escape recovery plans and modelling a strategy after best practices from other jurisdictions. SAEN has participated in all forums available for input in respect to aquaculture. Our concerns are sometimes addressed but often ignored. Continue reading

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Newfoundland and Labrador Trophy Catch & Release Angler


The Salmon Association of Eastern Newfoundland, in association with AMEC, are pleased to sponsor and present the Newfoundland and Labrador Trophy Catch and Release Angler Record Program. This program provides anglers an opportunity to record and share their catch and release trophies from numerous species with fellow anglers. 

The Program gives special recognition to anglers capturing and releasing fish that meet minimum trophy length standards for a species. Valid entrants will be listed in the Provincial Record List and an Annual Record List which will be published on the SAEN Website and other publications. Continue reading

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2014 Winter Trout and Smelt Angling Opening


Jan. 30, 2014

2014 Winter Trout and Smelt Angling Opening

DFO advises that the 2014 Trout and Smelt winter angling seasons in
non-scheduled waters throughout Newfoundland and Labrador will open as

Trout season dates:

Zone 1 (Insular Newfoundland)………… February 1

Zone 2 (Labrador Straits)…….. March 1

Zone 3 (Southeastern Labrador)…… February 1

Zone 4 (Western Labrador)….. February 1

Zone 5 (Central Labrador)…….. February 1

Zone 6 (Northern Labrador) ……..February 1

There are exceptions to these dates for Special Trout Management Areas.

Consult the 2013/14 Angler’s Guide for specific information on these
Special Trout Management Areas.

Daily bag limits:

The daily bag limit for inland and tidal waters of insular Newfoundland
for all trout species combined, and for Brook Trout in Labrador, is 12
trout or five pounds (2.27 kg) plus one fish, whichever is reached first.

In Labrador, the daily bag limit and possession limit for Lake Trout is
three fish in Zones 3-6. The daily bag limit for Lake Trout in Zone 2 is
two fish, with a four-fish possession limit. The daily bag limit for
Arctic Char and Northern Pike is two fish, with a possession limit of
twice the daily bag limit. In the Special Trout Management Area of the
Eagle Plateau Management Zone, Chateau Pond and Gilbert’s Lake the daily
bag limit is six Speckled(Brook)Trout or 2.5 pounds plus one fish,
whichever is reached first, and the possession limit is equal the daily
bag limit.

In Special Trout Management Areas, the daily bag limit is six trout or two
pounds (0.9 kg) plus one fish, whichever is reached first.

Possession limit:

The possession limit is twice the daily bag limit with the exception of
the Special Trout Management Areas, where the possession limit is the
daily bag limit.

Angling gear:

While fishing through the ice, anglers are permitted to use three separate
lines which must be closely and constantly attended by the angler.


Smelt angling in non-scheduled inland waters of insular Newfoundland and
in Labrador are subject to the same season dates as trout angling, with
the exception of those ponds that opened January 15, 2014 (refer to the
2013/14 Angler’s Guide). There is no bag or possession limit for Smelt,
and no bag or possession limit for Whitefish in Labrador

For a complete list of trout angling information, please consult the
2013/14 Angler’s Guide, which is available online at


DFO reminds anglers to take precautions before venturing out on the ice or
water this season.

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SAEN Completes Salmon Egg Planting on Rennie’s River System for 2013

SAEN just wrapped up the planting of Salmon Eggs on the Rennie’s River system on Nov 28th.

It was another successful year with over 60,000 eggs planted in over 120 sites in the watershed.

SAEN would like to thank our partners for their support and would also like to give a BIG THANKS to our volunteers again this year. Without volunteers this would be a daunting task.

Egg box retrieval and hatch success data collection will take place in the spring and we look forward to connecting again with our supporters & volunteers to carry on the project work.


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